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It is completely possible for you to enjoy your life and look forward to your future!

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If you feel confused, discouraged or hopeless about the steps to take to begin feeling good about yourself and enjoy your life, you’re not alone. It takes courage to seek help if you're in pain and don't have the life, career, relationships or body you want. Would you like help accessing your inner strength and releasing what has kept you stuck so you can build your self-confidence and move forward toward a life you love?

I know it can be really frustrating to be a single woman and not understand why we're not meeting the right man for a fulfilling relationship and I can show you how to gain confidence and change this.

I know it's disappointing to be unhappy in our career and grow to dread the rat race and hate the competition and I can show you the solution.

I know it can be hard to find supportive, empowering friendships that are vital to our confidence and peace of mind although I've done it and I can show you how.

It can seem impossible that this is all life has to offer us although there is much more for you to discover and I can show you how.

"Kelly's coaching and guidance on healing emotions and permanently changing incorrect, outdated beliefs freed me to feel confident and passionate about my life and future. I immediately began attracting a higher quality of men." - Nancy, North Carolina

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If you need more info, here's my article on Life Coaches and how to choose the right one.

I'm Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist Kelly Rudolph and surviving rape and two and a half years of domestic violence before age 29 catapulted me into discovering how to create a different kind of life for myself. Now that I've created a life I love, I can show you how to do it too.

Whether or not you're ready for big changes, connect with me and receive free, empowering Life Strategies to improve your life, future and all of your relationships by joining my email community at

P.S. My coaching programs can save you time and money by getting to your core issue and solutions quickly. I look forward to working with you.

“Life is to be lived, loved, laughed, danced and celebrated!” ~ Kelly Rudolph

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

As a Life Coach, when I see women struggling with: health, weight and body issues; low self-esteem; lack of confidence; unhappy relationships; unfulfilling careers; and family challenges, I know I can walk them step-by-step through strategies that solve those problems. It is completely possible for every woman to feel powerful and learn to create a better life day-by-day. My passion is showing them how.

Every woman deserves to enjoy her life and look forward to her future so I offer Free Life Strategies and Free Strategy Sessions to show them how.

Success Stories

Kelly Walks Her Talk

“The moment I met Kelly I could tell that she was a woman who knew what she wanted out of life and that she knew how to set up a plan of action to achieve it. As your Life Coach she will sear through the layers to get to what is important to you, and then assist you with a plan for your success. One of her coaching methods is to show you how to simplify your life which results in greater success during a shorter period of time. As she has said, 'it may not be easy but it will be simple!' As a woman of her word she lives according to what she coaches; she walks the talk making her the type of coach who is highly sought after.”

Deborah R, Southern California

I Highly Recommend Working With Kelly

“I recently had the opportunity to be coached by Kelly Rudolph using the Dragonfly Process. It is a powerful way to visualize your future and begin to create all that you want in your life. It is also a way to heal the past and let go of what might be holding you back. The Dragonfly Process can be done over the phone or in person. It is a quick and direct method to freedom and creation. I highly recommend working with Kelly so that you can be free to be who you want to be and create what you desire.”

Lisa S, Colorado

Her Positive Energy Is Captivating

“I've never seen anyone with more determination or perseverance then Kelly and her positive energy is captivating. Kelly is what I call a seed planter for women in positive growth, positive influences and positive lifestyles. I highly recommend her work, and her site, to anyone wanting to step out of a world of negativity and into a world of positivity and support.”

Kellie F, So Carolina

High Integrity, Very Creative & Very Likable

“Kelly Rudolph is my personal coach for UIBC! I highly recommend her to everybody! She has very high integrity, is creative and very likable. She does absolutely awesome videos that explain step by step in a way that you can not other than understand and fulfill everything in a very short time! I am very grateful to be her student and want to thank her once again for her outstanding work!”

Pascal B, Australia

Main SpecialtyEmpowering Women
Stress Management
CredentialsACC, CHT
Time in Practice10 years +
I practice inAll areas, please inquire
Additional ExpertiseAuthor
Personal Development Coach
Spiritual Healer
YourTango Expert Partner
I offer my servicesTelephone
By Email
Via Skype
Via a webcam
Other, please inquire
I am fluent inEnglish
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