“You Inspire Me” ...Can Your Words Save Lives?


“You Inspire Me” ...Can Your Words Save Lives?
Telling someone they've positively impacted your life could literally save theirs. Here's how...

Many people have no idea they inspire others.

Some people even take their own lives without knowing they inspired someone to have courage during a desperate time or fall in love when they were afraid of being hurt or follow their dream even when everyone said it would never come true.


What if you were inspired by them and didn’t say anything until you spoke at their funeral? What if they’d known before? Could it have made a difference?

Many people die with their gift still inside because they didn’t have the confidence to share it. Sometimes for fear of what others would say and other times because they really didn’t know how inspiring they already were, which could have given them that one little boost they needed to make their gift of music, voice, art, ideas, inventions, comfort or words known. They could have inspired millions or maybe just one. But one person being inspired by another is what feeds our soul and creates love in our world.

Have you been inspired by someone?

  • Your fifth grade teacher who told you how great your future is even though you weren’t doing so hot on tests.
  • Your mom or dad who always showed up at your games although they were way too busy at work.
  • The kid down the street with severe physical challenges who was always smiling anyway.
  • An online business owner who set a great example of how to build a business doing what you love.
  • The barista who frantically made your coffee and smiled anyway, genuinely wishing you a good day.
  • A relative who lived through very tough times and still had an uplifting word for everyone.
  • Maybe it’s someone very close to you like your husband or boyfriend who doesn’t know how much they inspire you because you either think they already know or just don’t say the words.

Here are 3 good ways to start:

  1. You inspire me with your _____________.
  2. You inspire me when you ____________.
  3. You are such an inspiration to me!

Can it feel vulnerable to share your feelings with someone? Absolutely. And that’s exactly the type of vulnerability to start getting comfortable with because vulnerability is the only way you will truly know who you are and what you want.

Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t know what they want. They don’t know themselves well enough to learn what drives them, what they are passionate about, what would make their world complete. They get caught up in the outside world and never really get to know themselves. Most people live by default simply reacting to what’s going on around them. They are living in the effect rather than being the cause of what they want to happen. I coach people on this frequently and the miraculous transformations they make in their lives immediately are staggering.

This article was originally published at www.PositiveWomenBlog.com. Reprinted with permission.
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Kelly Rudolph

Life Coach

Kelly Rudolph
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