How To Be Happy: It's A Process


Life Coach: How To Be Happy
Searching for bliss? Here's an expert tip: it's not an end goal!

Each time you feel your energy dropping into negative feelings like fear, anger, frustration, resentment, etc., call upon your happy thing and stay in that moment for as long as possible (17 seconds minimum). Although it may sound simplistic, it works — and for longer periods of time! As you practice, you'll start to feel happier more often. In addition, you will attract more positive people and situations to you based on the universal law of vibration — like attracts like — which is working 24/7, whether you believe it or not. In other words, this one happy habit of refocusing your energy draws more into your life about which to be happy!

Their Happiness Isn't Your Responsibility
One of the other messes we can begin extricating ourselves from immediately is to stop taking responsibility for other people's happiness. If you think you can make other people happy, not only are you signing up for an unwinnable game, you are taking away their power by enabling them to be victims, rather than empowering them to be strong and successful.


You may have heard, "Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you react to it." by Charles R. Swindoll. If you've adjusted your reactions or your responses (a response is conscious, while a reaction is often unconscious) you know this to be true. So, happiness is a choice. Can you be happy when everything is falling apart around you? Probably not, but you can adjust your responses.

Be Grateful For The Little Things
Gratitude is the most positive of energies; it attracts positive situations and people. There are seven main laws that keep our universe running in an orderly manner, but does it seem like things are out of balance and chaotic here on Earth? That's because without understanding the laws of the universe, we inadvertently use them to our disadvantage rather than to our advantage! We compare our situation to other peoples' situations, thinking ours look worse. If we used the Universal Law of Relativity to our advantage, we would compare our situation to one that is worse; in comparison, ours will look better. It's a quick way to feel instantly happy, because it helps you realize that your situation isn't as bad as you originally thought.

Gratitude for small things has a huge impact on happiness. For example, when you are stuck in traffic on the way to work, you can complain about it or you can be grateful you have a vehicle. If it's sunny in that traffic jam, be grateful for the beautiful day. If it's raining, be grateful that you aren't in a convertible with the top down. There is always something to be grateful for, and if you feel silly looking for things to be happy about, that feeling will be far outweighed by the lasting, longterm joy.

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