Will You Judge Me For This?


Will You Judge Me For This?

Well, when you are comfortable in knowing that you and every human on the planet is constantly judging, then you can OWN it versus pretending you’re not. This then gives you room to understand and be less afraid of others judging you. Let me explain a bit.



There is something amazing that happens when you can own who you are as a unique person and it literally sets you free. 

I wrote a post on how I for years felt (because I was told), that I am an intense person, and for a long time I hated hearing that and would want to be different. It literally plagued me. However, when I started owning that, I realized that it was my gift. Seeing things in ways that most people don’t was a gift too. I no longer cared when someone would tell me that I was intense. I stopped resisting and I was freed.


I want you to own your judgments; it makes you who you are. Know that other people are simply doing the same thing- expressing their preferences. That will empower you to be more social and connect with men and women in ways you haven’t had access to in the past for the FEAR of being judged.



The only thing that really shifts fear is to experience something different. This week I want you to talk to a stranger. Maybe it’s in line at Starbucks, at the post office or in the elevator. Tell yourself, “There is nothing this person is thinking that I don’t already think about myself, so what is stopping me from saying hello and striking up a conversation?” The little voice in your head will say NOTHING.  Then simply say hello and talk about the first thing you can think of, even something as small as the weather. There is no perfect thing to say, just converse. The more you connect with people, the more you are open to really letting love in.

Tell me in the COMMENTS below how judgment is currently stopping you in your life, and what you are going to do about it now.

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