Stressed out by being with family?


Stressed out by being with family?
Look at the other side of the coin for a more pleasurable holiday experience

There will also be some very obvious ways in which people are trying to love you. Have your love radar on HIGH and if you have your smart phone nearby, make a quick note of it in your notepad app. Maybe:



Grandma made me something special. I may not love it but it was made out of love.

I overheard dad telling someone how proud he is of me. Even if he doesn’t tell me.


Mom lovingly smiled at me.

My brother lovingly punched me in the arm.


My sister wrote me a beautiful card.

Note that down; it is much more pleasurable to be with family during the holidays when you are using that time to fill yourself up with love. Everything is perspective, so try something different this year; shift it to see the sides you haven’t seen yet.



This week, ask your family member, “What do you mean by that?” or “I know you are saying that out of love, right?” if you come across an uncomfortable situation. Clear the air and choose to see the other side of the coin. Tell me how this shifted your holiday experience HERE on the blog!

In love,


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