My Guru Told Me To: Why It Shifted Everything


My Guru Told Me To: Why It Shifted Everything
Living in the past will only hold you back from your future

Real change can happen. I have experienced significant  change in my LIFE. When I say “change” I don’t mean because you are faulty, I mean choosing to live life FULLY and HAPPILY right now. I talk a lot about understanding your parents, and the reason I say that is because too many of us are living in the past, and until we can let go, I mean REALLY let go by creating perspective, we can’t REALLY find LOVE today. That is why I am thoroughly committed to my mission to help you SEE the LOVE you already have in the NOW, to create a future filled with LOVE.

Lovework for this week:


Take one moment out of each day, and tell yourself,  “I choose to be present. I can’t change the past, and I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, but I have the present.” Take in the sounds around you, look out the window, get present to the NOW. See that in the now lies immense possibility and change (aka transformation depending on how you want to look at it).

Tell me how you stay present! Come on over to the blog and tell me what techniques you use.

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