My amazing weekend in Paris


My amazing weekend in Paris
Owning who you are will guide you to the man of your dreams

You were put on this planet for a reason. You have gifts that come naturally to you and the people closest to you will love and dislike you for it at times, but it is your gift nonetheless. And to be honest, we think the same of them.

I have known my bestie since I was 10. Clearly she loves me and isn’t going anywhere. By owning who I am, it is MUCH EASIER to connect and share WAY more with her, instead of retreating into my head questioning her, myself and our friendship. That is a waste of energy.



The very next time you are out with a friend or a family member and they say something about you, or you feel they were implying something negative about who you are, right then and there, CLEAR IT UP. Ask them in a neutral way, “What did you mean by that?

They will tell you, and I will honestly say to you it is probably NOT anywhere close to what you think they meant. It will save you a whole lot of heartache and help you OWN and LOVE yourself more. This is one of the first steps towards finding a true love relationship: LEARNING TO LOVE YOU FOR YOU!

Let me know if you have every experienced something like this with a friend or loved one, and how you handled it. Click HERE to share your comments on my blog!

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