As MC Hammer said, you’ve got to Pray


As MC Hammer said, you’ve got to Pray
Looking to open up more space for Love? Give Faith a hand!

1) It allows you to feel loved by so many people that surround you, because you aren’t doing it all on your own. It takes your team (friends and family) to help you get to where you want to go in life. This is the truth.

2) You have access to taken more calculated risks, see past the fear, and really step outside of your comfort zone to really have the happiness in your life that you desire.


3) You feel taken care of by the world, not just your immediate “team”. This is when things start to get interesting. Men that are worth your time will enter your life, opportunities begin to come to you, and clarity about who you are leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

This week’s Lovework:


What is your way to connect to something bigger than you? Tell me about it in the COMMENTS below!

As always, there are weeks that have themes with my clients. This week’s theme was Faith! I had a client that was having deep anxiety over whether she was making the right choices in her life, and specifically with the man in her life. I said to her “What do you believe in that is bigger than you?” She wasn’t sure. I told her to figure it out, because without it, she would keep going in circles, especially around making specific decisions. I know this can be journey, all I was saying to her was to seek it.


For those of you that do believe in what I am saying and have a spiritual practice, it is important to give Faith a hand; she has a lot to do! And for those of you that don’t, try it out; it might just give you more space for love!

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