Lack of perspective doesn't let love in


Lack of perspective doesn't let love in
Use your perspective to allow love to flow into your life

The reason I am telling you about this principal is because it applies to our love lives as well. Love is absolutely our natural state but we can easily block it from being expressed or let in unless we have space for it to be FELT in our lives. If we are constantly judging, creating rules, setting up too many boundaries, dropping friends if they don’t fit in with the way we do things, shutting people out, not trusting, feeling alone 
a lot, or thinking we are constantly right, then there is very little space for love to flow.

Understanding that your truth or experiences in life are just one piece of the puzzle emotionally gives you WAY MORE
 space. Ultimately what I am saying is that when we seek out ways to realize that everyone is right given their perspective,
 there is so much more flexibility in our thinking which allows us to FEEL more.


This week’s Lovework:

My mission to you if you choose to accept it in this week’s Lovework is to think of a moment where you were completely hurt by another person, maybe a friend or family member. Replay one moment with that person in your head. Begin to
 take on the role of a fly on the wall watching you and this person having a conversation. You are not you in that moment 
but someone watching the conversation. Start to seek out how the situation looks or feels different from the way you remember it.

Immediately write down what you are seeing and feeling from the situation and start to connect the dots around how another
 perspective on that hurtful situation gives way to some space and flexibility, AKA relief.

Tell me what you think of PERSPECTIVE and how understanding it has opened up your way of thinking and letting in love. 
I REALLY REALLY want to hear this one. Please COMMENT with your thoughts!

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