Lack of perspective doesn't let love in


Lack of perspective doesn't let love in
Use your perspective to allow love to flow into your life

I am currently writing to you from my parents’ home in Cincinnati, OH and it feels amazing to be in the house that I grew up in. Even though I call NYC home, my first home is this one. Pure bliss for me is being
 home with my parents, chatting, connecting, sometimes arguing, then getting over it and loving each other again.

Trust me, coming home and interacting with my parents wasn't always this anxiety free. As you know, my biggest
 message is that the fastest way to finding and having lasting love whether you are single or married is to allow your
 parents to love and support you. I am not talking about the head stuff of “Oh I know they love and support me,” but
 rather emotionally feeling within your body how much they truly love and support you, to the degree that it can bring
 tears to your eyes.


For obvious reasons, it is not easy to reconcile situations with our parents. Every situation has a ton of triggers and
 sometimes it takes something this BIG to break through.

I was raised Jain. If you haven’t heard of it, it is one of the oldest religions in the world, and contributes to my view 
of life in a major way. It is considered more of a philosophy and a way of life.

Jain dharma at its core stands for non-violence, or Ahimsa. To give you a sense of how deeply we believe in
 non-violence, one of Gandhi’s guru’s was Jain.

Hands down, the #1 principal that has given me access to feeling this love from my parents has been Anekantavad.

Anekantavad is a core principal of Jain dharma (belief) . Anekantavad means multiplicity of viewpoint, which also 
means that truth and reality are perceived differently from diverse points of view, and that no single point of view
 is the complete truth. For me, each person’s truth is their truth, yet not the full story. In one word, it’s their PERSPECTIVE.

The scientific reason for why realizing perspective is everything is because the brain literally cannot have an open loop. If you are witnessing a magician and there is something you can’t comprehend, your brain won’t just accept that it is an open question, it will fill in the blank.
 It will create a story to explain why what you just saw is possible.

Here’s another example- If we walk out the door and see a man who has fallen off his bike onto the street, given my
 experiences and point of view in that moment, I would create a story that fits with my paradigm of life. I could say
 “Oh, I bet a car tossed him over” because I was almost hit by a car on my bike last year. Another person would say
 “He probably went to make a sharp turn and fell off.”

However, the truth is with the man that fell off the bike, and even that is given his perspective. If another biker was
 passing by at that exact same moment he could probably tell you another version.

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission.
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