It happens to the best of us...


It happens to the best of us...
Being strong and powerful doesn't prevent us from all of life's pitfalls

THAT WAS IT. I had made the connection. The reason Samantha had allowed herself to be in that relationship for so many years, trying over and over to make it work, is because she placed her parents’ relationship on a pedestal. She felt that their love has been so strong because they had to SACRIFICE. Because she admired that so much, she placed pressure on herself to do the same while something inside of her was telling her to LEAVE.

Samantha was blown away. She has heard me speak about looking towards your parents’ relationship before, but thought that it didn’t apply to her because they have a great relationship. Now she was able to see that the root of her staying in an unhealthy relationship came from her view of her parents’ relationship.


Despite what she’d been through, Samantha still desires to find love. She explained that she wants to have children and hopes to be married, but at the same time, her fears from her past relationship make her feel as though she doesn’t know if she want to be in a relationship.

With every fiber in my being I replied, “You absolutely want a husband and marriage, you’re just scared that you would have to give up who you are for it.”

I am here to tell you that it DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT. Being in a relationship can be extremely freeing. Love in its very form is unlimited freedom. You just need to STOP placing your parents’ relationship on a pedestal so that you can begin to see relationships from an entirely new perspective. Having a loving partnership from a man that is supportive and loving enhances who you are so that you can be more of yourself, not lose yourself.


If you take a look at past relationships and are ashamed of not leaving soon enough or you have experienced abuse in anyway, tell someone you love and trust about it. The longer it sits with you, the more the shame will grow and block you in love. Shed some light on it. Then, FORGIVE yourself. You did nothing wrong. You just loved.

Tell me what you think of this article over on the BLOG. Did you like it? Did it resonate with you? Any connection you made through reading this?

This article was originally published at Kavita J Patel. Reprinted with permission.
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