How Honest Are You Being?


How Honest Are You Being?
If you're not being honest with yourself, you might be missing out on your true potential.

I find that there is such a thirst for honesty. When you hear someone speaking from a place of honesty you can feel it in your bones. I know I look for this in everyone that I keep close in my life. When someone can be honest with who they are, the good and the bad, is such a turn on. There is something so powerful about it.

When a man that is confident and has an air about him, a presence, whether he is the cutest man in the room or not, falls away because he is no longer just a body but a spirit of something bigger. If that is the kind of man you are looking for then it is essential for you to also be super honest about who you are and stand up for the divinity within you.


My highest purpose in this lifetime is to evolve, and for me that means honoring the gifts I have and making peace with the parts that I am resisting. Allowing them to shine as well instead of hiding them. This is what being honest with ourselves looks like. This is exactly what I will be helping women step into in my Love Mastery program. If you haven't checked it out and applied make sure you do. It is a 9 month program that will uplevel everything you desire in love and in your life. Check it out here, and apply today because it is a first come first serve application process.

Your Lovework for this week is simple, you are divine. If there is a purpose to everything that exists, like how flowers create pollen that the bees use to make honey and these plants emit oxygen that allow us to breath, then there is a purpose to why you exist. So, stand up for what that is and know that you are worth it. Tell us what you are going to do this week to stand up for who you are, post it below.

P.S. Check out Love Mastery, so many amazing women are applying for it. I am super excited.

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