Do you want to change someone badly?


Do you want to change someone badly?
Wanting something for someone else more than they want it is dangerous territory. Find the solution.

When they are ready to feel what you know they are capable of, they
will ask you a question or solicit your opinion. Until then, especially
with the closest people in your life, it is not helpful to want something
more for someone else than they want it for themselves.

This week’s Lovework is:


Take an assessment of your relationships, and some of your frustrations
with them. Is it because you want something more for someone than
they want it for themselves?

If so, then it is time to create an intention that you know they are already
living in a way that will get them to the solutions you desire for them.

For example, I want my brother to succeed in business. He says to me,
“I am not succeeding,” and I see it. I am not helping him by just
spouting out advice and telling him how he can succeed. Helping him
involves whole heartedly believing he is already successful; that he is
smart enough to figure out his path.

This is a real example. When I did this with my younger brother our
entire relationships changed. Do this exercise. It will give you space to
stop taking on everyone’s stuff. Know that they can handle themselves
just like you do.

How have you experiened wanting someone to be different, and what
happened because of that want? Please leave your comments HERE:

In love,


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