Ask yourself this crucial question


Ask yourself this crucial question
Wondering why you can't let love in? Look toward your current relationships first!

Every single time I have gone to the hospital I have made sure to ask 
my best friends to come with me. I will also admit that I have pulled 
them out of work to come with me. They are happy to do it, and I 
would be happy to return the love. Of course, my husband will come 
every now and then also, but when it comes to female stuff it is nice 
to have another female with ya. =)

It is essential to shift the way you think about burdening 
others in order to attract in the man of your dreams, and to sustain 
a relationship you have to let HIM love you. If you can’t do that 
with the people that are already trying, how does he have a chance?



Ask yourself this question, “If you were dying, and you knew it, 
would you want to be surrounded by people you love and adore, or 
be by yourself?” Reflect on your answer, then ask one person to help 
you with something this week. I would love to hear what your thoughts are regarding letting people in. Leave a comment on my site!


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