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Emotional wisdom is knowing what you want, asking for it, showing up, keeping your word, having a natural attitude of gratitude and recognizing the miracles that happen every day.

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Kate Michels; Emotional Wisdom Training, Core Alignment Specialist, NLP, Trainer, Speaker, Best Selling Author, Coach of Coaches, Live Radio Host on Intertainment Radio and I Heart Talk Radio and an expert at assisting others to live aligned in truth.  Core Alignment uses the parameters of respected schools of traditional counseling, mentoring, psychology and Life Coaching to support people in accepting their past, being aware of their present and awakening to their future.  Internationally recognized in more then 9 countries including China and Mexico. Her clients have experienced lasting results with everything from Bi-polar, Social Anxiety, eating disorders, sleep issues to the normal spin cycles of every day living.  Throughout life we all have events, incidents, accidents that create beliefs that either motivate or limit us.  Knowing what these beliefs are and where they came from really makes all the difference in the world giving people the ability to simply said reprogram and live more resourcefully.  The traumas and the dramas of life once recognized easily transform into learning experiences. 
People who have “tried everything” proclaim “Core Alignment is a miracle that happened in my life and it really was so simple.”  Accepting the past creates the space to align with what is real and true in the present then experience the future designed for you at the core. 
Kate also has simplified her core alignment into five steps of success for manifesting miracles every day.  Her steps are included in best selling books with many of the experts of today in the self help movement such as Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and other world renowned names.  The five steps are know what you really want, ask for this from yourself and the universe, show up, keep your word and have a natural attitude of gratitude along the way.  When a person is realigned these steps are as easy as one, two, three.  Being aligned at the core with who we really are makes it simple for us to recognize what we really want and then move into action living from these principles on a daily basis.  Thus miracles happen every day as people live in alignment.
There are Core Alignment Specialists in America, Canada and Australia who are busy sharing with the world the difference that Core Alignment makes.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

In high school I had 3 fabulous teachers that introduced me to the self improvement movement and shared how we can change the world one conversation at a time.  My commitment to changing and saving life's was launched when Elvis Presley died and I heard how lonely he was.  This made no sense to me since he was one of the most loved people in the world.  I made a commitment at that time to make a difference.  Thus my educational pursuit and my involvment increased rapidly from day to day.  The neuro science of today makes it even more exciting to be in this profession.

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