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Train Your Pet, Motivate Your Kids

As every parent knows, it's tough teaching your children to do things. Whether it's putting their laundry in the laundry basket, calling when they are running late or saying please and thank you, it can feel like a battle to convince them to change. /node/100010 The problem ...

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How To Text With Care

For many couples, texting has become a primary form of communication. Relationships begin and end by texting. Hurtful things are impulsively sent over text. Loving messages are sent. Requests for the grocery list or dinner are quickly communicated. We are getting more and more used to using texting to talk ...

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8 Tips To Thrive In An Empty Nest

When your children are little, it is easy to be wrapped up in the joy of being their parent and knowing that you are the center of their world and they are the center of yours. As they become teens, they begin to pull away and seek independence in preparation for heading out on their own. This can leave a parent ...

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Communication Skills: Back To Basics

We all know how to communicate. If I stick my tongue out at someone they will get the gist of what I am communicating to them, however, their response may not be very positive and full clarity in our communication may never happen. To truly communicate in a way that other people can hear without ...

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Is It Normal For Your Man To Notice Other Women?

Have you ever noticed your husband or boyfriend casting a glance at another woman’s cleavage or tight jeans? If you haven’t, then you probably haven’t been paying attention. Now and then I have a client ask me something like, “Is it normal that my husband was pointing out the college ...

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Kate Evans

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Articles by Kate Evans
Train Your Pet, Motivate Your Kids [EXPERT]

Train Your Pet, Motivate Your Kids

How classic pet training can help you get what you want from your kids.

How To Text With Care

Tips to keep in mind while you navigate the world of texting etiquette!

8 Tips To Thrive In An Empty Nest

How to cope with the emotional time when your children finally leave home.


Communication Skills: Back To Basics

How to hear and be heard regardless of the emotional static we all live with every day

Bad Thoughts

Is It Normal For Your Man To Notice Other Women?

Clarifying why men look at other women when they are with someone they say they love

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