Focus On What You Want


Focus On What You Want
So many things get our attention and distract us from enjoying what we know we want thus we miss out

It's kind of like missing out on the joy of a great hot date because it is too hot.  You know what you really want and you ask for it then you forget to notice all the ways you are getting it because there are so many other things that are distracting you and getting your attention.  In relationships this is a make or break kind of thing that is simple step to take  and so easy to adjust.  The change comes from you and where you place your focus.  In my book GPS, Goals And Proven Strategies For Success I call this the fifth step, the natural attitude of gratitude.  When our focus is directed at what we are grateful for then the heat of the day falls into that area of appreciation, grateful for the sunshine, the shade, the lemonade and even getting a little sweaty.  Of course there are just as many things to complain about as there are to be grateful for so it really is up to us and our mind set.  I wanted a handy man who is creative and so I have a man who "has" to do everything himself.  I have the choice appreciate his gifts or complain about the fact that everything is gonna take longer then it should.  We all have these examples we can think of where we were so excited except for that one thing.  This is what I am wanting us to let go of, the except part.  Focus on the main intent and place your attention on what it is that you really wanted in the first place.  You can always let the except part become exceptional.  Such as a 100 degree day in the late fall so you are able to wear that beautiful strapless dress you bought for the 4th of july.  Feel free to come and grab a copy of the GPS, Goals and Proven Strategies for Success with many other tips on how to focus on what you really want from and discover the other 4 steps that are easy to take.

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