Increase Your Strength By Reducing Your Vulnerabilities


Increase Your Strength By Reducing Your Vulnerabilities
Caring for your body so that your mind will follow

If you are having a hard time coping with today, check to see if you took your medication, if you didn’t it may help to explain why you are having such difficulty. Our minds and bodies are more connected than you might believe.

Avoid unhealthy coping like alcohol or illicit drugs. Sure, we might say this one goes without saying, but there are enough people who do use these coping mechanisms that it does bear saying. Substances are about impulse. They are about instant gratification. And they have side effects. From actual physical side effects to the idea that whatever you may be trying to avoid will still be there when you come down. There is always a down side.


It takes a lot more work to use healthier coping strategies and they are not as immediate often as a substance, but they will last a lot longer and help get rid of the core issue instead of avoiding it.

Give yourself down time or mental health breaks whenever you can. You may see strength in powering through being tired or stressed, but eventually it will catch up with you. Our minds are like muscles. If you keep a muscle tense without reprieve it will eventually fail – try holding your arm out in front of you all day with no option to put it down and see what happens. If your mind is constantly on the go it never gets a chance to recover, which then makes it less capable of doing the work that you need it to do.

Taking a day off is actually the sign of strength because it shows that you are willing to care for yourself, which is sometimes much harder than focusing your attention on everything else.

When you care for your body your mind will feel cared for, too. You will have greater control, greater strength, faster thinking, increased insight, more patience and so much more. All of this will make life more do-able, and isn’t that what we are all looking for? It’s not easy to change or to make better choices for yourself if you are used to making poor ones. Start out small and let yourself acknowledge each little victory until you notice one day that you really did manage to make those changes and are now feeling better than ever.

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