5 Ways to Flirt After the Honeymoon Stage


5 Ways to Flirt After the Honeymoon Stage
Moving to the next phase with your guy doesn’t mean you should stop flirting or playing hard-to-get

3. Text (or sext) Him Throughout the Day
At various points in the day, send him text messages describing what you’d like to do later with him or reminisce about something from the night before. Try to be as detailed as possible -- it’ll give him something real to think about and make you both want to rush home at the end of the day.
4. Leave Love Notes in Unexpected Places
Take some time to put together a few short, old-fashioned love notes to hide around the house or even in his briefcase. Stick one in his underwear drawer and another on the mirror. These cute notes will remind him your thinking of him and show you care.
5. Cozy up During a Movie
On your way home from work, pick up a redbox you know your guy has been wanting to see along with all his favorite snacks. Share pillows and a blanket and get ready to snuggle up just like you used to when you first started dating. This simple, romantic gesture is a fun way to get close!

Even after the honeymoon days are over, it’s important to continue to find unique ways to flirt with your significant other. Taking the time to plan a night alone or send a flirty text will allow you to relive the early days of your relationship!

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