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5 Ways to Flirt After the Honeymoon Stage


Moving to the next phase with your guy doesn’t mean you should stop flirting or playing hard-to-get

Relationships play out in a series of phases, always growing and evolving. Often times, the honeymoon stage consists of flirty dates and heaps of nervous butterflies associated with many relationship firsts. But all too often the flame fades into a faint flicker as a relationship progresses. Moving to the next phase with your guy doesn’t mean you should stop flirting or playing hard-to-get. The psychological effects of flirting can leave you feeling more connected and in sync with your guy. Here are some helpful tips for flirting after the honeymoon stage:

1. Get “Touchy-Feely”
Try communicating your feelings  for him through your body language and actions. By running your hand through his hair or rubbing his shoulders, he will get the message. And  something as simple as keeping eye contact will let him know you’re completely focused on him. While you’re out, make the first move by squeezing his leg under the table or sneaking a kiss. He’ll be excited to get you home!
2. Show a Little Skin
Instead of throwing on a pair of sweatpants after work, try changing into lounge wear that makes you feel sexy. Showing him you’re feeling sexy will get him in the same mindset. When you’re feeling feisty, sneak away to bed first and opt for some lingerie instead of your usual t-shirt so he’ll have a nice surprise when he hops into bed with you.  

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