Why Men Should (Always) Pay For Dinner: 3 Truths To Consider


Dating: Why Men Should Pay For Dinner Dates
Women pay for their hair, makeup and more … so he should pick up the tab.

Conservatively, that works out to somewhere around $500+ per month!

Now, not all women spend this much on their beauty regimens, but many do, and those with more money, spend a ton more than this! Add in a personal trainer, Botox, and all sorts of other extras, and guys, we're spending a lot on our dates. You just don't know it.


3. We Push Your Babies Out Of Our Vaginas
From the age of about 12 (earlier these days) we bleed from our vaginas every single month. We go through agonizing cramps and hormonal ups and downs every month that in some cases (mine) remarkably resemble psychosis, all for the privilege of bearing children (and, yes, it is a privilege). Eventually, we get pregnant and our bodies become foreign to us, stretching and aching in unseemly and unbearable ways; gaining weight we never knew possible. Sometimes we're able to lose it again and sometimes we're not.

And if we do, it's all for naught because the cycle may repeat itself a couple times. Oh, and labor. Any man who has ever witnessed a woman in labor and childbirth holds a whole new respect for women in general. Am I right? The very idea that the human body can endure such pain, and let's face it, indignity, is pretty mind-blowing.

By the time we've gone through that a few times our bodies no longer do what they're supposed to do. They no longer hold in urine properly. Gravity and sucking mouths and teeth have taken over our precious, once-perky boobs. Our bodies, once ours and yours to revel in, play with and explore, have become weird science experiments solely designed for giving and maintaining life, and we feel completely alienated from ourselves in a deeply disorienting way.

Once this process is over, and we feel we've gotten it all back together as much as we can (plastic surgery for the sagging boobs and stretched out stomachs, personal trainers, eating programs, or just surrender to the inevitable), our hormones begin yet another horrifying and demoralizing journey into decline. Now there are night sweats, missed periods, extra and super heavy periods (what?), mood swings that cause an emotional whip-lash that puts regular PMS to bitter shame, and yes, vaginal dryness.

Given all that we have to go through just to be the beautiful, heavenly creatures that we are, I think it's only fair for men to pay for dinner, and for us to graciously and gratefully accept with a demure, sweet smile that completely belies any and all of the above.

Kate Anthony works with Single Moms to weed through all the craziness of what this new life has to offer, and find within themselves the amazing, powerful and relentless love-goddesses that they truly are. For more information about how to work with her, visit her website and find her on Facebook and Twitter. Sign up for instant access to The Three Unconscious Mistakes You Might Be Making That Are Killing Your Chances At Happiness.

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