A Woman's Guide To Being A Goddess That Men Worship


A Woman's Guide To Being A Goddess That Men Worship
You, Feminine Goddesses, Are So Powerful

A lot of times a man might feel that he's expected to "do everything" or of too much.  Women have certain expectations how men should conduct themselves in relationship, which is fine.  However, too skewed or unrealistic expectations will only mar an otherwise decent relationship.  Perhaps because you listen to your single girlfriends too much of what you "deserve" from a "Mr. Right"? 

And you notice that why your friends are single, too, right?  


It is one thing to stick to your boundaries and deal breakers, it's quite another to expect a man to be your everything.  He can't be all macho and manly and act like your girlfriend too, you know.  He doesn't swing both ways.  And neither do you.

So tame those vicious critical little gremlins in your head and just go with the flow.  As long as he respects and shows thoughtfulness and consideration in his dealings toward you, give the guy a chance and the benefit of the doubt!  The one major reason why women tend to be unhappy in relationship and why men pull away is because they don't know what to do with their unmet expectations.  

I always advise my clients to shift their vibe first by changing their perspectives on expectations and try to remove most of them and only stick to a few deal breakers.  The result is almost overnight!  The distant or pulling way boyfriends/husbands all of a sudden notice the shift from resentment to alluring softness and respond accordingly.

Remember, men don't respond to punishment, they respond to rewards.  So lure them with honey, not vinegar.

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