Why Aching For Commitment Is The Reason Why You Aren't Getting It


Why Aching For Commitment Is The Reason Why You Aren't Getting It
It is actually very easy to inspire a man to commit: be the woman he can't afford to lose.

My method is so radical and counter-intuitive but works like a charm.  It's not about erecting boundaries but in fact to allow love flow into your life so you can raise your vibrations and attract more of the same. The simple truth is a man can't make you a second best without your permission.

I teach women how to seduce a man with their feminine mystique.


Assume you are a goddess and you become one.

The intuitive understanding of what drives a man and emotional freedom are what set you apart from the rest of the female population out there.  That what makes you a high-value woman he will want to commit to without you having to nudge him to do so (in fact he will rush to claim you because he knows if he doesn't some other guy will).  I teach how to inspire men to commit without bringing up the talk, in fact without doing much of anything at all 'cause she's basking in her feminine essence.

A high value woman doesn't need to do that. A high-value woman impels a man to commit because she's too good to lose.

When we talk about boundaries or standards, they often come from our woundedness.  It's the deviant little child in us recoiling in fear and anger.  It is often our perception of disrespect and non-love instead of the actual act of disrespect and non-loving.   It's true we train others how we want to be treated, yet at the same time there is no reason to act all scared and over protective of yourself.

Let things unfold and your response to situations should be fluid moment to moment.  Be more spontaneous than sticking hard to a set of rules carved in stone and see how every situation is actually a chance for you to look inside, tweak your perspectives, choose your response and grow from the experience.

Ready to be the Enchantress?  Here is the path to take.....

Women often can't allow a process to unfold because their fear takes over and their thoughts are ahead of them.  They're in the masculine energy of "getting the job done."  That's the biggest reason why men aren't committing.  They are not motivated by the agenda-driven attitude.  It is very unromantic too. (Learn more by signing up for my new Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop)

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