Why Aching For Commitment Is The Reason Why You Aren't Getting It


Why Aching For Commitment Is The Reason Why You Aren't Getting It
It is actually very easy to inspire a man to commit: be the woman he can't afford to lose.

It's very validating to me when women in my growing community report how more lively their dating lives nowadays are after practicing my tools of treating dating as a "training ground" instead of a "hunting ground." And of being more process-oriented (feminine energy) instead of goal-oriented (masculine energy).

Recently one of them shared this exciting development on how a guy she is dating claimed her only after four dates. 


"We left to go to his friends BBQ get together.  He introduced me to all of his friends and their family. I was surprised and enjoyed meeting everyone even though I can't remember all of their names.  One of the oldies commented that I will be quizzed on who's who, jokingly.  Everyone was very nice and I felt welcomed.

I didnt think much of it until his friend's sister's daughter asked him if I was his gf and he said yes.  Wow!  It works, Katarina :).

Around 8 pm, we all went to the park to watch the fireworks.  Also, Matt's sister was there to meet us. He introduced me to his sis who seems to know so much about me.  She's really pretty and nice. More of their friends friends arrived and I was introduced as Matt's gf :).

It was the first time he held my hands and our first kiss. I had a great time. I closed my eharmony account simply because I just want to focus on us now that we are exclusive.  Thanks Kat :).  All I did was focus on myself, no expectations, and repeated to myself over and over that I'm a goddess and the most desirable woman alive whether he pick me or another match.

Still surprised that he picked me!"

These women get the relationship they want not by closing themselves off.  They get it through being highly irresistible and inviting.  Through enjoying life and the dating process.

When you are in motion, you'll keep moving. That's why women with "standards" are usually single, not dating and not very happy about it and they are trapped in those low vibrations that don't attract guys. And they begin to say that there are no good men around anymore (simply because guys usually don't think of commitment after 2 weeks or 2 months of knowing them).

After working with hundreds of women and see how they transform themselves before my very eyes, it just proves it to me time and again that the energy of yearning for a commitment is a repellent. It's a low form of energy coming from a deep sense of lack and is separated from the peacefulness of the present. You might call it standards or boundaries or whatever fancy name you have in mind, it's just not attractive period.

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