Secret of the Ex Seduction Revealed


Secret of the Ex Seduction Revealed
Seduce Your Ex Back, Make Them Addicted To You

So what skills can you learn? There is a lot you can do depending on your passion, interests, aspirations, ambitions, etc...

In my case, I'm learning the rope of utilizing the incredible and infinite power of the internet to disseminate my message of hope and redemption in time of severe personal crisis like you're going through to as many people as possible. This is my calling now. And I can be really absorbed in this newly found passion to the extent that nothing else seem to matter.


If you can be at that stage, you are practically "over" your ex and seducing him/her back is only a matter of time.

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Reappear In Their Life With Fanfare

When you have rebounded from your self-esteem crash and are ready to take on the world, you can make you red-carpet entrance to your ex's life again. And you won't even have to force your way because most likely he'll invite you in with all doors open. So now you can sashay in with fanfare and all eyes on you.

They'll find you mesmerizing again. You seem not just okay but exceedingly content after the breakup. What gives? Now they feel like they have less power than they thought they had. Now they want to see you more thanks to the magnetism you radiate. You have transformed yourself into a desirable person who seems to have it all -and a bunch of admirers so they have to fight to get your attention.

And you will give them attention, not too much or too little, but just enough for them to yearn for more with the expectation they will indeed get more the next time(s) you're together.

Bring Him Back From The Brink: When He's Pulling Away


Treat Them The Way They Treat You

You don't withhold affection when they're being affectionate with you. You will reciprocate it. Savor the sweetness of being in each other's company. You will not act ugly in any way, shape or form.

When they withdraw, you will do the same. Give them the space so they will miss you again.

When they're doing something that doesn't sit too well with you, you will let them know by ignoring them. When they are showing remorse, you will reward them with your warmth, just enough that they will know that they will need to show an effort to win your affection.

Familiarity breeds contempt. Always wear an aura of mystery. Be a little unpredictable in your response but not too much you become erratic and more like a loose cannon. You want to appear as someone who is in charge of his/her happiness, yet soft enough to be vulnerable every now and then.

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