The Surprising Way To Get Your Ex Back


The Surprising Way To Get Your Ex Back
That is, if you even want him back when you're done!

1. Keep yourself busy with activities. Don't be lazy. The idle mind is the source of all misery. This is the time for you to try new things or do things that you never thought you would have time to do. Force yourself if you have to. You will thank yourself later for having the tenacity.

2. Go out with your friends and folks. If you are a homebody, again, force yourself to be more outdoorsy. The sun and beautiful weather/ladscape are really good to restore your mood. It's so much better than languishing in your sorrow at home watching endless TV and binging on calorie-ladden snacks.


3. Work out more. You release dopamine and endorphins, two chemicals responsible to your emotional well-being, when you exercise. And you get hotter too! Never underestimate the power of physical attraction to keep or reattract a man. Besides, whether or not you want to reattract your ex, being physically fit and attractive is always a guaranteed self-esteem booster. You need lots of it after a breakup.  

4. Listen to beautiful music, watch great movies and read engaging books. Anything that entertains you and takes your mind off him is recommendable.  

5. Learn new skills. Make a goal to master them within a time frame and commit to it. You strengthen your brain with every new skill gained, and it also improves your self-esteem and sense of well-being. When your mental faculty is being absorbed in a challenging task, you have little time to dwell on your breakup.

6. Avoid him. And avoid any situation that might bring you face to face with him unless it's "business related." You think "bumping into him by accident" will make him want you more or will speed up the reconciliation process, but it's more often than not just creating a new cycle of hopelessness and desperation. You don't want to be a yo-yo gal. Actually, you become so much more attractive when he thinks — and knows — that you have truly moved on. I know it's true in my case.

7. Meet new people. Presumably people engaged in the activities or new hobbies you share. You can look at for such shared actitivities. 

8. Don't forget to date! You are on a rebound, even though your heart isn't in it. Dating and transitional "relationships" are vital to your healing. Don't get too hot and heavy because you are not ready for anything serious. Make sure the guy(s) you are involved with are on the same page regarding speed. Go out and have fun with these gentlemen. Let them wine and dine you and treat you like a lady.

9. Affirmation, self-hypnosis, yoga and meditation help a great deal! My clients report positive transformation from utter desperation to hope and new exciting life with self-hypnosis geared toward overcoming loss and moving on. Keep reading ...

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