The Surprising Way To Get Your Ex Back


The Surprising Way To Get Your Ex Back
That is, if you even want him back when you're done!

My jaw was on the ground because I had let go of any expectations when I found Kat!! This from the man who was confused about his feelings for me earlier in year! Things were great in the beginning. He was a great guy to both myself and my son. I got really attached to him and I was leaning forward too much. I started asking him about a future together, and was constantly seeking reassurance about where the relationship was going. I feel disgusted just thinking about it now. He accepted a job out of town mid relationship and I clung on even more, he continued to pull away and I continued to lean forward to try to bring him back. He eventually told me that he was confused about his feelings and needed space. We were broken up for 6 months.

Ladies, Kat knows what she is doing, read the book, do the inner work. This is amazing! I would have messed it up without her! I did the work for me, not to get him back, but I ended winning in the end! Screaming Thank-you Kat, you are the Best!"


Welcome to Splitville! It hurts like hell, doesn't it? There is nothing that stirs your equilibrium like a love lost. Your body just goes numb; this is the lowest low you have ever felt in your entire life. Everything is so gloomy, and you can't see pass today. If you do it's all scary stuff ... a life void of meaning and happiness (this knowledge will save your relationship: is he truly emotionally unavailable or does your anxiety make him so).

My forum is a place I hear this story over and over again. People recount their heartbreak stories and seek advice so they can reunite with their beloved. So strong the bondage of romantic love is that people will do anything to recapture it. But here's one piece of advice that will help you heal faster and in the process, reattract him back (and the likelihood is you no longer want him back when that happens!) Drop all that yearning and pining now! (Here's some quick pointers on how to seduce a man with your feminine mystique)  And just move on.  

Yeah, move on...

Take it from me! Your mind can't do the work for you right now. It's so shaky and vulnerable, so even when you can't control it right at this second, you can at least be assured that this is not the end. Far from it. And that things will get better. When you hit rock bottom, the only way you can go is up. And I'm here to help you how. (Three Steps To Make Him Fall In Love With You All Over Again)

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