Can "Friends With Benefits" Turn Into A Relationship?


Can "Friends With Benefits" Turn Into A Relationship?
Is your "Friends With Benefits" relationship causing a bond or keeping you in the friends zone?

4. Induce some anxiety into him. Based on point 3 above, if you can induce some anxiety into him and make him to want to put more efforts into wooing you, the more he will see you as a high-value woman. And since anxiety and uncertainty is an inherent part of romance, the vulnerable feeling he might lose you might trigger him into action. He needs to yearn for you to fall in love.  

5. Work on yourself. Work on yourself to become a secure, self-sufficient and independent feminine woman. You are soft on the outside but steely strong in the inside. You are full within yourself and you don't need a man to complete you. Right, you don't need him. There is a reason why a lot of women pine for guys who don't reciprocate their love and who are not in their life: it's because they need them.  

There is a place for vulnerability in relationship but in general you are far more desirable when you don't need him or any man. Why? Because when you don't need anyone to be happy, you don't put pressure on or have high expectations of anyone to do anything for you. You become a magnet to men because they know you will be fine one way or another and they are not going to be made responsible for your happiness or lack thereof. Who wants to be blamed for anyone's suffering?

And they also know that the door is always unlocked and they are free to leave if they want to. Men can only fall in love when their guards are lowered.

Love yourself more than you love him, he will love you more for that! A secure woman who knows what she wants yet isn't jaded nor desperate and is extremely attractive and desirable. Once you become that woman, commitment is a matter of finding the right match as it will happen organically.  

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