Can "Friends With Benefits" Turn Into A Relationship?


Can "Friends With Benefits" Turn Into A Relationship?
Is your "Friends With Benefits" relationship causing a bond or keeping you in the friends zone?

This is by no means an endorsement or promotion of FWB. I believe every relationship at every stage of our life serves a purpose for us. I don't think one form of relationship is superior to the others. It's all about what feels right or not right at any given moment. Everyone is on a different stage of the journey, hence everyone's needs and path to take is unique in that given time. Keep reading ...

I have been involved in FWB myself in the past and I never once regretted those relationships as they serve their purpose at the time and I have learnt so much from such arrangements myself. And against the naysayers' conviction, a few of those guys in fact wanted more while I didn't. And whether or not what I had was a FWB with my ex-before we became official, he later married me too!


So yeah anything is possible. Just be open-minded and firm in your feminine power, the rest will take care of itself.

Three Steps To Make Him Want You More ...

Most relationships start casual.

Whatever you want to call the early stage of dating, it is casual. You can call it dating, hooking up, hanging out, courtship or whatever it is pretty much casual and it's supposed to be. Are you that desperate to want a few weeks of exploration of each other's fitness for potential partnership to become a full blown relationship with all its expectations? If that's the case, I'm not saying it won't happen but your chance to really be in a fully functional and lasting relationship is rather thin, I should say.

And most people don't have labels for their early stages of relationship. More often than not many women don't know they are FWB until other people (usually their judgmental, jaded and jealous single girlfriends) point that out. And all of sudden this fun and baggage-free relating becomes an issue and is now less enjoyable because of the preconceived notion infused into it. True?

What is early, you might ask. Well, it varies from one person to the next, one couple to the next.  I would say the first 6 months is early.  And I won't flinch either if you still have no name/label to your relationship after a year.  What you should worry more is how good is the quality of your "relating"?

If you are on the early stage of dating and he hasn't claimed you yet (he hasn't told you how he felt about you seeing other guys), then act like a single lady when you are not with him. Don't close yourself off. Don't take down your dating profile just yet and don't rely on him as the main and only source of male company and/or emotional fulfillment. If you do that, you will start breeding insecurities into the relationship (as if you didn't have enough already) and the chance for you to attract him more is being compromised when that happens.

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