A Picture Of The Modern Woman In Love


A Picture Of The Modern Woman In Love
Using our gifts in both the bedroom and the boardroom to model healthy, loving relationships

It is usually a messy path to begin with making this change. Jane went through a few bad dates, add to the fact that some men are not up to the task of partnering a powerful woman. At times she fell back into old self defeating habits. She did the work though, and the payoff was two fold. She fell in love with herself and began to enjoy her life just as it was. She learned how to be true to her feminine nature while holding onto her own power. Then she met a man who matched her values and spirit in ways she hadn’t even imagined. She is now walking confidently on her own version of the happily ever path.

We can each make the evolutionary shift from the power struggle between the sexes to one where we, alongside our male counterparts, are leaders in the world by expressing our love of life. And it is in the bedroom as well as the boardroom where women’s true gifts and influence are needed.

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