7 Ways To Keep Your Love Alive


7 Ways To Keep Your Love Alive

Seven Ways To Keep Your Love Alive!

It may be too late for Johnny & Vanessa or Heidi & Seal but not for you & your soul mate… if you pay attention now.


The reason I am a relationship coach is that I am passionate about ROMANCE! I care about relationships of all kinds and help my clients through a myriad of issues with family, friends, work and even their relationships with themselves. I know our relationships are essential elements to a living fulfilling life. ROMANCE, however, is what makes my heart trill, gets me up in the morning to face another day and is of never-ending interest to me.

I say all of this so you will understand and not find me shallow when I tell you that my love of ROMANCE has me reading such illustrious publications as People magazine and following the romantic lives of the rich and famous.

It was in this capacity and in this context that I picked up my latest edition of said magazine and, to my horror, read the headline. It was a story about the demise of the romance between Johnny Depp and his long time love Vanessa Paradis.

A short digression: I was tempted just now to write “long time by Hollywood standards” when naming this a long-term relationship. Not fair! We commoners have much the same issues as they, only not as public or seemingly interesting. I could also say “in this day and time” it is long-term. That might be closer to the truth but sadly not so.

I read an article recently about the length of marriages in “the good old days” that nailed it for me. In the “once upon a time” it was unheard of for people to end a marriage in their late 30’s or 40’s or beyond. That was because most people at that age -were dead. We live a lot longer these days and with that our relationship behaviors have changed as well. So I will continue.

I am not naïve about romantic relationships whether it is movie stars, politicians or the couple next door. They are complicated and we never really know what is happening in anybody else’s marriage as much as we would like to think so. Marriages we think are lousy can last forever, while people we would never imagine apart get divorced.

Still, there are some relationships I read about that I hold up as good role models for both being romantic AND going the distance. Johnny Depp has declared his love for Vanessa and his love of their family in such authentic ways that theirs was one of those relationships for me.

So, I was shocked and dismayed and I wanted answers! How could this happen? Not you, too, Johnny.
The article I read didn’t divulge much and even if it had, as I said, the truth of anyone’s romantic relationship is usually much more complicated than we know.

What I did glean from the article and what I intuited was one of the causes of the demise was “distance”. Due to his film career taking off they had spent a lot of time apart over the past two years. She had given up her career to give the children a stable home and resentment had built up.

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