Expectation or Intention?


Expectation or Intention?

An intention is a way of organizing our minds in service of creating a particular experience. Our mind then pays attention to all the possibilities, moment to moment, of fulfilling the intention by creating the desired experience.

“I expect you to bring me flowers, take me to my favorite restaurant and make mad passionate love to me tonight” is very different than “my intention for this evening is to meet each moment fully with my heart open to romance.”


When we have intentions we are the ones in power. The possibility of fulfilling an intention is present in every moment. Anything can be romantic. We are directing (and starring in) our own personal play as it were.

So this year my intention is to be loving and open to everyone we encounter on Valentines Day, especially each other. Want to join me?

In my opinion that’s what romance is all about - the rich and varied experiences of loving and being loved that are possible to all of us every day of the year. Valentines Day is a recognition and celebration of that kind of romance.

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