4 Steps To Finding Your Romantic Match


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Finding true love is as easy as 1-2-3-4!

After I had my list of essentials, I went looking. I looked on the highways, in the newspaper and in car lots. Nothing was right.

Step 3: Let go and enjoy your life. After searching for a few months, I let it go. There was no emergency here! I enjoyed the car I had and used the time to continue to hone my dream and to save money so I could honor my financial value fully. Once you have your criteria for a good match allow yourself to let go and love the life you have already. Detach from the outcome and timing. Have fun and enjoy the process. This will prepare you for the relationship once you are in it.


During this time I began to think about fun things like the color of the car and the many places I would go. I imagined how it would feel to have a car that was just right for me. It was about 18 months after I began my search that I saw it.

I was driving home from work, right past a small car dealer that I never paid much attention to. On this day, my attention was captured and I had no doubt I had found my car! When I went in to inquire I found out that though this was a car it actually was classified as a truck! It had a trucks capacity to carry cargo, which meant there was plenty of room for my camping gear not to mention the yard sale finds that thrilled me. It was affordable and wildly quirky. I was in love!

Then there was the catch. There often is. There was a backorder of at least six months! This was not in my dream, let me tell you. I must admit I was disappointed and excited. It was a whole, big emotional mix. This is often true in romantic relationships as well. There is always that moment when things don't go your way. Perhaps the other person has habits that you aren't wild about. Maybe they live far away or have other elements such as family, friends or work that is not what you expected.

Step 4: Listen to your heart. Here is perhaps the most important piece of this message on finding a good match. I had the criteria of what a good car match would be. I knew it not just intellectually but internally. In my heart. Then a miracle happened, as often is the case. Six weeks later the car salesmen called me with news that a buyer had changed his mind when his car arrived.

This car was even better than the one I had imagined for myself. I loved the color! It had options I wouldn't have splurged on, but since I had been saving I could now afford them. Most of all I had the feeling I had imagined having when I found a good match. It felt right.

Learning to trust my instincts and to know the feeling of what is right had served me well. I had that car for over 10 years which is at least the equivalent of a lifelong love in relationship years. I loved it every single day of those years. The joy it brought me was way beyond the metal and rubber it was composed of. In my car owning experience was woven the time and effort I had put into dreaming it up.

If you are looking for a good match, someone who is just right for you. I encourage you to follow these 5 steps !

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