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Attention Women: Why A Good Lover Will Finish Last

My intention here is to give you something that makes sense for you, that helps you understand some things you may not have understood before, and that as result, helps your relationship and love-making become more exciting, Read More

The Most Important Relationship That Determines All Others

Ever wonder why you continue to attract the wrong guy? Even though the last one seemed perfect at first, did you keep thinking to yourself, "When will 'Mr. Perfect' become 'Mr. Same Crap?'"  For how long did you really think he was "Mr. Perfect?" Chances are that you ...

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What Defines You?

Your past need not define who you are. Quite clearly, things we experience in our past influence us and how we behave in the future, but if we allow our past to define us, then we are acting as “victim” rather than being in charge of and taking responsibility for ...

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Karl Zimmer III

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Attention Women: Why A Good Lover Will Finish Last

Why the best lover for you will listen with his ears and his hands, as well as his heart.

Love In Flowers

The Most Important Relationship That Determines All Others

If you don't have this relationship down, no other relationship stands a chance!

Love In Flowers

What Defines You?

Our past need not define our future. We decide what our lives will be, no matter what.

Karl Zimmer III

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