Attention Women: Why A Good Lover Will Finish Last


Attention Women: Why A Good Lover Will Finish Last
Why the best lover for you will listen with his ears and his hands, as well as his heart.

My intention here is to give you something that makes sense for you, that helps you understand some things you may not have understood before, and that as result, helps your relationship and love-making become more exciting, fun, and lasting.

Men are driven visually more than women, not that women aren't driven my visual cues as well, but your drive has an emotional component to it that arrives later for men.  Men are also sexually aroused more quickly than women, and unless they are good at controlling their arousal, they can reach orgasm long before you, and some may even think that that is the end of the sex or love-making session.  If that is your experience, you have likely felt some degree of frustration if not anger, even resentment.  That is clearly a breakup waiting to happen.  So how can you help your man be the lover that is right for you, and what kind of lover is the right one for you?

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