How To Manage An Emotional Crisis Gracefully


Daily we can manage our emotions just fine, but in a crisis? That's a different story.

Dealing with emotional challenges and unexpected crisis in life such as what Sandra is experiencing takes a lot of energy, and you need to be able to step back, breathe, and reassess your goals before you take action. Holding yourself to the same level of productivity and expectations can be too much to ask to move through the crisis with ease and grace. In order to stay emotionally and mentally healthy during a crisis situation means you need to remain in action both literally and figuratively.

To your success! — Coach Karen K


Life Coach and Business Coach Karen Kleinwort is the founder Therapy in Transition and is a Certified Professional Coach specializing in the integration of her clients' mind, body and spirit into her Personal Empowerment Coaching practice. For more information, visit, or contact her at

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