Lose the Diet Mentality and Find “Thinner Peace”


Lose the Diet Mentality and Find “Thinner Peace”
Are you tired of struggling with your weight? End the battle with your body today.

Depriving, restricting and beating myself up never got the long term results that I wanted. However, when I began to fill myself up with joys in my life rather than filling myself up with food, it not only changed my weight, but it changed my life. It’s the kind of change that leaves you better, stronger, and by far, much happier than any diet ever will. Today, saying I’ll never diet again gives me freedom from the obsession and worry; restriction and deprivation; and from the excess weight. That peace, that lightness – it’s exciting. It’s those butterflies again – but this time – rather than make me panic – they actually tickle.

Karen Frechou is a Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach. She works with men & women across the country helping them get the body they want while creating a life they love.

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