The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Your Man


The Ultimate Christmas Gift For Your Man
Here’s an idea for a gift that is sure to melt his heart

In poll after poll men have said what they like least about women is nagging and complaining. Partly because it tells him constantly that he’s falling short of being a good man for you. He “needs” to make you happy and solve your problems so if when you do these things, you’re telling him he’s failing you as a man.

It also is really unattractive and, let’s face it, if you’re not attractive to him, he loses interest. Besides, if you nag and complain enough, he sees you as a bottomless pit that can’t ever be satisfied and he gets worn out and either leaves emotionally (into the paper, TV, work, other women or drugs and alcohol) or physically in divorce. The irony is that we all know that nagging and complaining doesn’t work.


4) Make a list of all the things he does for you that make you happy. Examples: He brings home a paycheck, he takes you out to the movies, he helps with the dishes, he picks up the kids after school, he buys you flowers, he’s an attentive lover, he gives great hugs, etc.

Men are actually driven to make women happy. It has to do with the primal drive to be a good hunter. Providing meat was the most important thing he did because it meant his family would survive a little longer. Talk about putting a smile on his “woman’s” face. Well, men admit that, more than anything, they feel fulfilled as men when their woman is happy. It means they’re doing a good job of being “the man.”

5) Make a list of the reasons you respect him. Examples: He’s a good provider, he’s a good father, he’s honest, he’s admired by others, etc.

Men need to feel like they’re measuring up to other men. Respect is the most important measure of a man. Yes, a man could be rich and powerful but if he’s not respected, it’s meaningless.

6) Make some “naughty” coupons that he can redeem whenever he wants. (Obviously, this is not for the kids.) Examples: This coupon is good for a Saturday night seduction; this coupon good for a little whipped cream to be licked off very slowly; this coupon good for a slow, sensuous massage; etc.

For most men, the only way they know how to be intimate is sexually. When you first fell in love you probably kissed for hours and couldn’t get enough of each other. Well, why not spark him up and let him know you’d like to enjoy the “pleasure” of his company.

Note: When you make your lists be sure and include those things that you know he likes and admires about himself. And if you want to get really creative, include examples of why you put each item on your lists. As a follow-up to the written lists, some verbal appreciation would be a perfect way to “tie a bow” on his Ultimate Gift.
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 Kara Oh

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