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The Pathway To Expanding Love


A wonderful way to improve your relationship is to consider what it feels like to be in their shoes.

More love and happiness for you; that’s my motivation in everything I do. Because we all come from diverse backgrounds, when we connect with another, all those old habits and perspectives come with us.
We call it baggage, but it’s not necessarily that it’s negative, it’d sometimes just different. Consequently, when we interact with each other, it’s easy to misunderstand and misinterpret what they mean.
A wonderful way to improve your relationship is to consider what it feels like to be in their shoes. But better than simply imagining, ask. Ask them, “How does that feel to you,” or, “What’s it like when I say that to you,” or “Can you describe why you reacted that way? I want to understand.”
When we tell them we want to understand things from their perspective, the guardedness dissipates. Maybe not completely, but enough to open to new levels of intimacy. I remember a workshop facilitator explaining that one meaning of intimacy as, “Into Me I See.”
Sharing who we are, feeling seen, acknowledged and accepted for who we are is what we all crave. When we can give that to our partner, love flows out like a babbling brook. It’s one of the best feelings possible.
There’s a reason I have dedicated the last dozen years to helping women understand how men are different than women. When you fully embrace and honor those differences, your relationships with men will transform. You can learn how to understand men with the secrets about men in Men Made Easy. If you want to find out if he’s a Caveman, a Dog, a Prince or all three, go to and sign up to receive my 3 free ebooks.

From my heart to yours,

Kara Oh

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