How To Get Him To Compliment You


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Use these tactics to get some honest feedback and attention from your guy.

Strategy #2

You can also simply say to him: "As silly as it might seem to you, I’m a girl and I really like it when you tell me I'm pretty [or whatever compliment you need to hear]. It would make me so happy if you told me those things once in a while."


Men like simple instructions so they can get it right. You both understand that he doesn’t think the way a girl would, so that's why you're taking the initiative to help him out in this area. Young Adults Prefer Compliments To Sex

Bottom line: if you want to create a better relationship with your man, you need to know the secrets about men. Only a handful of women know these secrets, and as a result, they have the types of relationships we all admire. I discovered these secrets after two years of studying and interviewing men, and I believe they're the foundation of every good relationship.

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