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He’s Gone But You Want Him Back

He’s Gone But You Want Him Back

Are you still wishing you could get back with him?

Women write to me–especially after reading Men Made Easy and seeing all the things they did that pushed him away–wanting to know how they can win him back. I do understand their desire to “have another chance” to prove they’re different, but if you don’t have contact, there’s nothing you can do to show him you’ve learned the mistakes you made.

If you can’t stop thinking about him, can’t stop wishing you could have that second chance, and can’t stop thinking about ‘what could have been,’ you need to take charge of those thoughts. Otherwise, your thoughts are controlling you. To do that, you have to find something to replace those thoughts with. To do that, make a list of all the things that you wanted, but he didn’t give you. Now, make a list of what you DO want when the next, better man shows up. Then, when those thoughts jump in take over, notice it, then replace those old thoughts with the thoughts of how great it will be when you meet the man who will give you want. At the very least, you should be with a man who is thrilled to have you in his life.

When a man cuts all contact with you, it’s more important that you admit it’s over, and begin to take care of yourself. I would recommend you do some kind of ritual. Maybe write down what you gained from being with him, what you learned, and what you want that he couldn’t give you. Then say a kind of prayer asking your spirit to be set free of this man so you can find someone who is excited to be with you. You can burn it or cut it into tiny pieces and let the wind take it…whatever feels right. It’s time to move on.

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