How To Make Skype Sex Less Awkward


How To Make Skype Sex Less Awkward
Is the idea of having sex over Skype way too awkward for you? See these tips and you may reconsider.

2. Lock your door. This would seem like the most obvious tip for having non-awkward Skype sex, but could you imagine if your roommate or your dad walked in during the middle? Heed this advice and lock your door.

3. Pick a good position. No, I don't mean a good sexual position. I mean a good position for your computer, phone or iPad. You want the digital camera to be in a secure location so when things start getting really hot and heavy, the laptop doesn't fall onto the floor and completely ruin the mood.

Whether he's in another state or another country altogether, Skype sex is a great way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship. Just remember, sex in person can be awkward. Now imagine having sex via a computer. Set ground rules, lock your door and pick a good position (for your laptop). Good luck and happy Skyping!

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