Are You a Doo-Doo Magnet?


Are You a Doo-Doo Magnet?
Does it sometimes feel like bad stuff has a way of finding you? Here's a reason that might help.

I call it the Doo-Doo Magnet Syndrome and it's the best explanation I've come up with for 'having a bad day.'

Here's my explanation of this phenomenon: What happens is maybe you didn't sleep well. You get up late, groggy, get yourself put together to go to work, and now you're running late.

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You're in a hurry and every time you hit a red light, you get a little more upset. Then, when you get to your work, you can't find a parking spot. You get a little bit more upset.

You get to your desk and you can't find your favorite pen. You go to the meeting and don't get your turn to pitch your idea.

You get back to your desk and by now, you're pretty much an emotional mess.

Here's why I call that the Doo-Doo Magnet Syndrome. Once something triggers you, every little thing after that sticks to you, as if you're a magnet for things that upset you.

In the above example, if you'd gotten a good night's sleep, woken up refreshed, not overslept, when you hit that first red light, it most likely wouldn't have had any effect at all. Nor would the parking spot, or the pen.

Yes, you might have been upset that you didn't get to pitch your great idea at the meeting, but probably not nearly as upset if all those other bits of doo-doo hadn't already been clinging to you.

So what should you do to avoid becoming a Doo-Doo Magnet? Become more aware when that first trigger gets to you, implement one of your tricks for shifting your energy to being happy, and get on with your day. (I have several I use.)

Awareness is the first step toward taking charge of your day-to-day level of happiness. How to build that kind of awareness is what I teach in The Five Facets Of Feminine Grace online workshop.

Just remember, you're in charge of you and have much more control of how easily you get triggered...or not.

Helping you make magic, everywhere you go,

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Kara Oh

P.S. Become a member of my Inner Circle and you'll get all my ebooks, audio recordings, video guides, Feminine Grace workshop, and personal coaching from me. Try it for 30 days for just $1.00.

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