Confrontation Or Communication? The Difference Is Key


Communication and Confrontation In Relationships
Confrontation can be detrimental to a relationship.

2. What could you have done to avoid this situation?
Sometimes, there's nothing you could have done. More often, your actions contributed to the issue in some way. Could you have been a better communicator prior to the incident? Have you been dishonest with yourself? For example, if you knew he was unfaithful and you lied to yourself about his true character. Discovering what you could have done differently will help you make wiser decisions in the future. Again, it comes back to you taking charge of your life — and how much happiness and love you want.

3. How do you want your relationship to improve or change?
If you think confronting him will improve your relationship, trust me, it will not. It will only create or widen the schism that caused the upset. Most problems boil down to bad communication. Sometimes that means you haven't been communicating clearly. Maybe you haven't ever talked about what you both want and what your relationship means to each of you. When you're upset, and especially if you're angry, you will not be able to have that kind of conversation. It takes a mutual desire to have the best relationship you possibly can.


I hope these questions offer a different perspective on what you can do when you're thinking a confrontation is the best plan — and I hope you now see that it's never a good idea. You may think confrontation is the right choice if you're on the verge of a breakup, but as I explain in my book, even a breakup can be done with Feminine Grace. The goal is appreciating the time you had together.

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