Want to add spanking to your sex life?


Want to add spanking to your sex life?
Spanking is a pretty common desire (on both sides of the ass smacking ;)

2) Start slow! It is a rare individual or can take a hard, strong whack on the first go. You’re better off getting the spanking going with lighter touches and then build the intensity. It’s hard to go back-wards once you’ve spanked to hard, but allowing the sensation to develop will be a great way to learn limits and figure out where the ‘sweet spot’ for each of you is.

3) Use your hands! I know it can be enticing to jump into using those sexy leather paddles at places like Good Vibrations & the Pleasure Chest but if you’re just starting out there are a few particularly good reasons to use you always ‘handy’ spanking implement. As the spanker, you’ll be able to get a good feeling for what your partner is physically experiencing. The sensations of warmth and slight soreness will be shared so you won’t go further than is comfortable for the both of you. If you’re on the receiving end of those sexy smacks feeling the skin of your partner against your increasingly tender back side will give you (and your partner) a strong sense of connection.


4) Speaking of your hands, vary the sensations! When you’ve learned the different spanking techniques you’ll be able to modify how your partner feels the spanking. Some sexy smacks will be thuddy and some will be stingy so you can switch things up. Use rhythm to emphasize the contrast of feelings. Try it slow and steady, or more percussive or go back and forth between the two. Plus, you can’t forget your fingernails…a soft sensual scratching over a tender bottom can add a whole new dimension to the sensual spanking.

So don’t be afraid, once you’ve talked about spanking with your partner (consent counts!) take your next sexual opportunity to add some spicy spanking to your adult play time!

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