Improve Your Sex Life in 10 minutes a day!


Improve Your Sex Life in 10 minutes a day!
Can't make it to sex ed classes? Want to have hotter sex but you don't know how? I have the answer! is a site that’s been around for more than a year, but with a new redesign is even more useful than ever. With over 600 videos and over 50 experts the site offers 5-10 minute videos that you can watch as many times as you want (during your membership). It features topics from beginning to advance on a wide range of topics. It’s a form of sex education that fits your life. It educates in a straight-forward way that can also be titillating and inspiring. Invest in your sex life and you’ll see the benefits right away. is another site, very similar to , but focused on the exotic world of BDSM and fetishes. With over 1,000 videos and 100 experts, there’s a lot to explore!  It takes the same unintimidating, straight-forward approach and shows how safe, fun and wild sex can be, ya know, if you’re into that sort of thing *wink* is geared for those who fell in love with the trilogy and want to learn about the “kinky fuckery” activities, but in a way that goes deeper than the fantasy expressed in the book. The trilogy are great for fantasy (as its current total of 60 million books sold have proved) but they aren’t how-to books. The site has light kink and traditional sex acts, it’s a very low-key start to your online sex education. You don’t to have even read the books to benefit for the site

You know that that we were not taught about the pleasure of sex in school. Sex is WAY more fun and it’s about time we all started enjoying it more.

Full Transparency: I am the founder of all three of these sites and they are membership sites. There is nothing else like them on the web and I’d be recommending them regardless of whether I was involved or not. It’s a revolutionary way to share adult sexuality education, and the sites have a lot of sexperts, therapists, educators and doctors that agree.

The bottom line is that if you don’t have time, or if you think you don’t have time to learn some tricks to keep your sex life smoking hot…you have options. You do have time, and it is worth it. You are worth it.

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