10 Reasons You're Not Having Sex & How To Fix It!


10 Reasons You're Not Having Sex & How To Fix It! [EXPERT]
Don't let these obstacles keep you from having the sex you deserve.

Obstacle #9: You feel guilty.

The Solution: Maybe it's a vestige of your youth when you were told that sex was bad and it's been hard to completely get that out of your head. Or maybe the guilt could come from all the things you could be doing rather than enjoying your own pleasure. Either way, you deserve to take time out to feel pleasure and to bond with your partner. So, do it with a clear conscious and forget about all those mundane needs for a while.

Obstacle #10: It's so boring.

The Solution: Are you tired of the same old things when it comes to your bedroom playtime? Do you each fall back on safe moves when it comes to positions or foreplay? Well, then try new things out!

Find some erotica that turns you on and read it while groping each other. Pick out some porn together to have as background stimulation. Have sex in the living room or kitchen instead of the bedroom. Use a new sex toy and just get creative! You are in control and you get to direct the sexual adventure.

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