10 Reasons You're Not Having Sex & How To Fix It!


10 Reasons You're Not Having Sex & How To Fix It! [EXPERT]
Don't let these obstacles keep you from having the sex you deserve.

Obstacle #5: You have way too much work at the office and home.

The Solution: It can be hard to leave work at the office, so you either end up working late or spend too much time thinking about it at home. Either way it's not a very erotic mindset so one easy trick can be to take a few minutes to write down all the work items that are floating around your head.


Just a sentence or two to remind you later, but at least for a little while you can let the paper hold those work thoughts so you can focus on feeling erotic with your partner Being happy in the bedroom can result in a happier you in the boardroom!

Obstacle #6: There is a loss of libido.

The Solution: Whether it's a medication, high levels of stress or the disappearance of your own sexual self, the loss of libido can feel crippling. But it doesn't have to be.

Talk to you doctor if you're taking medication, take a vacation, even if it's short to set your burdens down for at least one day. Reconnect with your own sexual desires with hot steam showers using the soap to not just clean you but make you focus on each of your body parts. Be sensual and slippery because you might just slide into some lascivious desires!

Obstacle #7: Life is too serious.

Adults frequently forget how to play because there's always so much to do, so many responsibilities to live up to and obligations to meet. But play is fundamental to human nature, so make a conscious effort to enjoy each other's company in playful ways, even if it isn't immediately sexual.

By loosening up and letting go you'll be reminded of why you were attracted to each other in the first place. Have fun and giggle together; sex is best when enjoyed with a smile!

Obstacle #8: You are exhausted.

The Solution: This one can be a combination of many of the issues above, but deserves its own response. It can be easy to feel "all or nothing" about sex, but that’s just not how it has to be. Having a soft and sensual kissing session without expectation of more can be just right for a romantic, low key time together. Or watch a movie to wind down and stroke each other’s skin while snuggling. You don’t have to swing from the rafters or have wild crazy sex to feel amorous.

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