5 Technology-Related Questions Every Couple Should Answer


couple using a computer together
"The Techlationship Talk" is 5 questions every couple should answer in this social media age.


  • Is Anything Taboo? What happens online, stays online forever and is accessible anytime by just about anybody, anywhere. So on that note, what is and is not appropriate to share about one another and the relationship? What is and is not acceptable to disclose to others in online communities? Is it OK to flirt online with someone else? Due to a number of recent, high profile stories defending "consenting adults" sharing steamy messages and images online, what would constitute as "cheating?"
  • Is Anyplace Not Allowed? Social networks give 24/7 access to people, brands and information. But, can the online community expect 24/7 access to you in return? When is it not OK to check in on what Facebook friends are doing? Are there social media-free times like dates or family activities? How about scrolling the News Feed from the bathroom, the bedroom, or the dinner table? What about special events, sacred ceremonies (church, weddings, funerals), or regular gatherings?
  • The difference between anything happening and nothing happening is that everybody assumes that nobody is doing nothing, when in fact, something is happening and someone is hoping that no one finds out.


    The ultimate goal of "The Techlationship Talk" is for couples to openly and honestly talk about where technology and their relationship converge, discuss their social media habits, and share their opinions on how the virtual world and real world collide.

    This removes the guesswork for the modern couple, who in this social media age, must find the balance between technology and their relationship, and agree upon mutual guard rails and online boundaries for their relationship.

    Now here's one last question…when will you and your mate have "The Techlationship Talk?"

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