8 Ways for Singles to Enjoy Chanukah


8 Ways for Singles to Enjoy Chanukah
You have 8 long days to celebrate Chanukah. Here are some fun and flirty ways to enjoy the holiday.

Although the number 7 is typically associated with good luck, those celebrating the holiday of Chanukah get a bonus this month.

Chanukah, the 8-day celebration known as the Festival of Lights, starts at sundown on December 20th and lasts after the mistletoe’s shelf life has expired.

As a child, I have fond memories of lighting the menorah and opening one special gift every night with my family, while nibbling on traditional potato pancakes fried in oil.

Here are 8 ways to enjoy the holiday, don’t be blue and let’s get started.

1. Host a Chanukah Party. There’s no need to be alone at the holidays. Why not host a Chanukah party? Ask each single guy to bring his BFF and have each gal bring her best single guy friend. Not in the mood to send out invites? Check out the local Hanukkah singles parties online and RSVP.

Added Bonus: You never know. Someone just might need a guest for his or her holiday party scheduled later in the month

2. Guilt Them With Gelt. Love those gold-covered chocolate coins? Who wouldn’t? Don’t fret that you won’t have a stocking filled with candy canes or coal when your gift bag includes the golden gelt.

Added Bonus: Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.

3. Play Spin the Dreidel. Remember when you played “Spin the Bottle” in high school? 'Tis the season to play “Spin the Dreidel” instead. Replace the familiar Nun, Shin, Gimel and Hey with a more fun and a flirty gesture such as a kiss, hug, neck, or peck.

Added Bonus: Everyone remembers their first kiss with someone new.

4. Light My Fire. Although it was one of my favorite songs by the band, The Doors, playing "Light My Fire" on Chanukah is a great way to get into a romantic mood with your date. Take turns lighting the candles. Who knows what the burning flames can turn into?

Added Bonus: You may end up lighting his fire.

5. Nibble on Red Hot Latkes. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so grab your grandma’s favorite latke recipe and serve it with applesauce. Spice it up with cinnamon red hots, the color of love, and take turns spoon-feeding each other. Sound corny? Perhaps, but if you’re in a fun and flirty mood, one of you just might lean over to initiate that first kiss.

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